From the curved Crema Marfil Marble staircase to the semi-precious quartz island with a retractable TV stand, this project demanded the best of us. The result though, is absolutely breathtaking; true masterpieces of stone.


The marble staircase includes 4 sets of stairs spanning two stories. Each bull-nosed tread is a solid piece, water-jetted for extreme precision. The kicks are segmented to follow the curvature of the staircase. Each landing was done using the same Crema Marfil Marble, tiled in a Herringbone pattern. Installing the staircase alone was over 80 hours of labour.


The large, semi-precious quartz island includes the unique feature of a television that emerges from the center, can be turned on its stand to face any direction in the kitchen, and can then retract back into the countertop when not in use. To pull this off properly required truly precise  seamwork and the outcome is not only beautiful but also wonderfully functional for the space.

We also did several very fine pieces for the bathrooms in this home, featuring intricate, elegant edge profiles.


Crema Marfil Marble, Semi-precious Quartz


Bearspaw, Calgary