The finish of your stone will be something you see every day as you walk through your home, it will be

what you feel every time you rest your hands on the surface, and that's why we take finish so seriously.


We offer a variety of finish types to ensure you get what you desire for your stone product.  


High shine, smooth, beautiful. Our most popular option, the polished finish is a classic for a reason. This finish is easy to clean and easy to maintain. We do our final polish by hand, which means you won't get the lines in your finish you might see with other mass-produced finishes.


The Satin finish is textured, but at the same time smooth. It feels soft to the touch. We are the only fabricator in Calgary that can provide a satin finish to quartz products. We have put over 2000 hours into perfecting this finish and we think you're going to like it.


The leathered finish is the most textured finish we offer. The process takes the visual design of the stone and makes it tactile. You can actually feel the curves and grooves of the stone. It is truly a breathtaking finish that you really have to see and feel to fully understand. We have one of the only leathering machines in western Canada in our shop.




Our exclusive vintage finish for Marble blends in well with both modern and antique designs and its appearance is both attractive and durable. The resulting patina finish is highly recommended for kitchen environments.

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