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Your Natural Stone Experts

Calgary's first choice for natural stone and quartz products.

When you purchase a piece of natural stone, you are stepping out of the world of mass-produced and into the world of one-of-a-kind. Each stone is a unique piece of art handcrafted by the mountain itself, which is why The Granite Guys handle your project with the care and respect one would show a piece of prized artwork. This mindset drives our work.


When it comes to truly premium products, it really is the small things that make all the difference, from expertly done seam work to polishing the underside of the overhang, the details bring the whole thing together. It's why we use the absolute best tools and technology on the market and finish by hand to ensure an altogether unparalleled piece of stone. 


Our attention to the detail is why we handcraft our templates to follow your walls' exact curves and angles - a process that takes longer but is the only way to ensure a perfect fit into your home.


Then, because each piece is so unique, we invite you to stop by and discuss how to layout your template on the slab, allowing you to emphasize your stone's best features with the perfect placement. 


We believe our customers are looking for the absolute best when they come to us, so we offer nothing less!

Meet our Team 

Sales team.png

Sales Team 

The Sales team is a trustworthy crew who genuinely wants to ensure you get exactly what you're looking for, and advise you on the best options that will meet your needs.


From coordinating within your plans, time, and budget, to helping you along the templating and installation process, to assisting you with other services such as plumbing, sinks, and backsplash tiles. They are here to help and rest assured they won’t try to impose a sale.

Office Team

Our office team of dynamic hardworking ladies, responsible for many of our internal operations, and those of our sister company, AB Granito Ltd. 

They are courteous and polite and are here to assist you with invoices, scheduling, billing.  Also questions about restorations and repairs, our products for natural stone maintenance, and or any other concern you may have.  


Fabrication Crew

The backbone of our company, our fabrication team. Thanks to these amazing guys with years of experience and craftsmanship operating our
tech-advanced machines and creating precise digitally-cut templates, we are able to provide you with beautiful countertops and stone surfaces that will look like a work of art in your home.

Installation Team

The Granite Guys Installers, are an awesome crew that takes pride in their workmanship. A team of dedicated and serious pros, with the necessary knowledge and experience to get the job done right.  They are detail-oriented and careful with your home’s property such as cabinets, floors, and walls during the installation process.  Always leave the place as tidy as they found it.


One of Calgary's Highest Rated Fabricators!

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