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Repair and Restoration


Are you in need of a professional repair or restoration service for your natural stone or quartz countertops?

The experts at our sister company AB Granito Ltd. have several services that can help you save money by not having to replace your natural stone countertops.


Be sure to contact AB Granito Ltd. with any repair and restoration questions you may have.
Sending a few pictures by email can speed up the process and help understand what can be done to resolve the problem.

Make sure you check out our care page for information on cleaning all your natural and engineered stone products. Proper cleaning procedures are very important in protecting your natural stone and keeping its beautiful luster. Countertops should be re-sealed every 1-4 years depending on the type of natural stone, how much it is used and what type of products are used to clean the countertops. AB Granito Ltd. offers an in-home cleaning and resealing service, or we can supply the products so you can do this yourself.​

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