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Mastering Stone Shopping: Your ultimate guide to an effortless purchase

Updated: Aug 31, 2023

Choosing The Right Material

When considering a home renovation or a new project that includes stone surfaces, the first step is to determine which areas you want to work on. Different materials are suitable for different needs. Choosing the appropriate material for each application is crucial for ensuring longevity and minimizing future issues. For example:

Marble is an excellent choice for surfaces like decoration, mantels, and fireplaces. However, it might not be the best option for countertops due to its sensitivity.

Granite and quartz are preferable choices for countertops, with granite's darker varieties being particularly well-suited for high-traffic kitchens.

Porcelain has become a trendy option and works well for kitchen countertops, showers, fireplaces, backsplashes, and outdoor kitchens.

Textured or honed surfaces not only have a more appealing appearance but also offer better long-term performance. The key lies in selecting the right material for each specific application.

At The Granite Guys, we are here to assist you in making the right choices and finding the best products of the highest quality. With our guidance, you can sit back and enjoy your newly renovated or designed space without any worries!

Measuring your Areas

When embarking on the process of purchasing countertops, creating a quick sketch (by hand is perfectly fine!) of your kitchen or any other surface is a crucial step that significantly contributes to the accuracy and success of your project. This sketch serves as a visual representation of your space and helps translate your ideas into a tangible plan.

* Example of a kitchen layout

To create an effective sketch, start by outlining the layout of your space, indicating the positions of walls, corners, and any architectural features. Be sure to include accurate measurements of all relevant areas, such as countertop surfaces, islands, and any gaps for appliances or fixtures. If your kitchen, fireplace, or wall include angled or irregularly shaped sections, providing additional measurements that detail the depth and length of these areas is invaluable. These measurements offer precise insights into the unique contours of your space, ensuring that the countertop fabricators can account for every intricate detail.

By adhering to these guidelines and offering a comprehensive depiction of your area, you empower the stone professionals to provide you with an exceptionally accurate and tailored quote.

Getting Inspired

Gain inspiration by browsing through design magazines and exploring the portfolios of kitchen designers. Within these resources, you'll discover a plethora of designs and color palettes that closely resonate with your envisioned project, thereby illuminating your future endeavor and possibly sparking new creative concepts. Furthermore, this approach will greatly enhance your communication when engaging with various professionals such as cabinet makers, countertop fabricators, lighting experts, flooring specialists, and other contractors involved in your project.

Facilitate the process by creating hand sketches of your design and formulating a straightforward plan. This will expedite the comprehension of your requirements by these professionals and streamline the conceptualization of budgetary considerations.

Budget management stands as a pivotal aspect of orchestrating a new project. At times, you may need to prioritize allocating funds to the most essential elements, deferring some aspects for later stages. This strategic sequencing ensures that the progression of your dream kitchen remains uninterrupted. For instance, you could opt to replace the tile backsplash after the countertops have been installed. While this approach may elongate the timeline slightly, it aids in refining ideas and acquiring accurate estimates. It's also an opportune moment to identify the most fitting contractors for your renovation, potentially through recommendations from trusted sources.

Reviewing pages from diverse sources prior hiring will provide insights into the expectations tied to the chosen contractor for your renovation. This comprehensive approach empowers you to confidently navigate the renovation journey and yield optimal results in line with your vision.

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